English Corner

Welcome to London

 “Mamma, quando andiamo a vedere l’ufficio di papà a Londra?” “Appena possiamo, andiamo.” Ecco così tutto è iniziato. Abbiamo preso a pretesto il viaggio di lavoro di mio marito e […]

The English Corner: false friends

Hello, welcome back to the English Corner. False friends are really tricky in English. Let’s take delusion. It’s not disappointment, it is illusion, a false belief or opinion.  You can be […]

English Corner: fruit salad

The English Corner is about fruit, today. If apple is easy, pineapple can be tricky. Kiwi and banana don’t change there name. Orange, lemon and mandarin are kins, grapes are together […]

English Corner: snow

Welcome to the English Corner. Don’t you feel it’s high time a proper winter began? I know, you probably don’t. But I do! It’s not just the fact that I enjoy […]

English Corner: a nursery rhyme

Welcome back to the English Corner, songs and rhymes are a funny way to learn. This is a nursery rhyme slow down, take your time. Look at the beauty all […]

The English Corner: Jingle Bell Rock

The English Corner is partying for Christmas already. So here’s to you a Christmas song: Jingle Bell Rock (that you can sing along)   Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock Jingle […]

English Corner – Letter to Santa

The English Corner is the place where we can speak, think, dream and… wish. Dear Santa, Christmas is here again and we don’t seem to have made any progress as […]

English Corner – Tea

Welcome back to the English Corner. “Would you like some tea?” Oh, yes, please.”  This is such an English piece of conversation, and I find it wonderful, so defining of […]

English Corner – Christmas feeling

End of November at the English Corner. Christmas is not far away, can you feel it in the air? Shopwindows, Christmas lights in the streets, tv adverts are all beaming […]

The English Corner – Is it raining?

We can’t avoid talking about the weather. I’s been sunny for a couple of days, but when it rains again, be sure you call it with the right name. If […]

English Corner – travelling

The English Corner on travelling. Travelling is one of the most exciting experiences of life. You shouldn’t travel on holiday. Travelling should be a serious activity, a kind of job, […]

The English Corner – Halloween at the Library

This is an English Corner, Halloween edition. And we’re going to celebrate with a horror exhibition: Terror and Wonder at the British Library, London. It celebrates 250 years of gothic […]